When It Rains

“When it Rains” were a band I roadied for late 80`s in London. I was introduced to the band by Geoff Sapsford ex of “Fire Next Time” who played guitar and sung backing vocals in this previous formed Leicester band, who`s album “North to South”, was released on Polydor label 1988.

Cheryl & Dave were founding members and live in partners. The band played the majority of their Gigs in and around London with the odd one or two elsewhere. Always seems to attrach good audiences without any AR sucess. The band worked hard sometimes giging three times a week and rehearsing at least once down under the railway arches Holloway Road.

The Bands claim to fame is the track “Blue Tuesday” which was played on late night BBC radio show, hosted by whispering Bob Harris, who when contacted kindly supplied the following track.

Below is a recording at The Marquee Tottenham Road London 1989.

Vocal & Guitar Tambourine: Cheryl Leigh
Guitar & backing Vocals : Geoff Sapsford (ex Fire Next Time)
Bass Harmonica : Dave Lorentz
Drums : Brent

Cheryl used a stage name of Alex Dan Mckenzie not wanting to be associated with Brookside where she was list in the cast Cheryl-Leigh-As-Vicki-Clearyor and The Boys from the Blackstuff where she played an Goverment employment officer disguise as Avon lady. She wished to get record deal on metrit not by who she was as its was of the time various ex soap stars where carving music careers.

Live at the Marque 1989

1.Blue Tuesday (Independent single release played once on Bob Harris Show)
3.Preacher Man (you may know this one)
5.Big Ship
6.I Believe
7.Don’t Cry
8.Fade To Grey
10.Fifteen Years
11.Your all I Need
12.Should I Stay or Should I Go (again you might know this one) (Encore)

Apologies for the poor Quality Taken recording taken from mixing Desk

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