Just 4 Lads from Leicester

Some Many years ago I became aware of 4 young lads Rob Bourgault, Scott Grocock, Tim Mctighe & Justin Welsh they were all 14 to 16 years old they knew I knew few members of signed leicester Bands Diesel Park West & Fire Next Time. I first meet Scott who I worked with at Wadkins Machine tools engineering, and he asked if would I come along and watch them at a rehearsal.

I did and well they blow me away with there cover versions of Through the Barricades (Spandau Ballet) Dont Dream its Over (Crowded House ) and many many more I asked do you have any original material they had one “Here comes Summer” which was very much in the same bouncy mode as The Beatle`s “Here come the Sun” the only thing I wasn’t sure of was their band name “Wishing Blue” ?

I decided to help them and we spent 12 months touring working mens clubs in and around leicester bagging in the pennies to get them into a local studio “The White House” in Syston Leicestershire to record there track Here Comes Summer well that was that we did it then trouble set in Scott & Rob in one direction Justin & Tim the other and the spilt came I thought shame. At that point i had been asked by Geoff from Fire Next Time to consider moving to london to roadie for his new band, which was an easy option considering I had just been made redundant from a job i didn’t enjoy.

So that was that I took off to London Town, been there around a month when one Sunday evening there was a knock on my flat door in Muswell Hill there stood now 15 year old Justin and 17 year old Tim Drums & Bass in hand. I said what the F*** are you doing here they replied to be in a band OK !!! They spent around a month on my lounge floor I have to say they were model tenants and yes before you ask I spoke to Justin’s Mum and Dad Bim & Steve who lived in Nuneaton Warwickshire as Justin was only 15 but as it was near summer holidays they knew he was in safe hands..

So to cut a long story short there’s a song in there somewhere once they moved out and I started touring with the band again, and I undersstand Tim & Justin got themselves jobs with music companies as runners as such like. London being what it is we lost track somewhat. The next thing I knew was when they both turned up at the marquee where we were play at thursday night spot Tim & Justin and a young lady on Tims arm who tim introduced to us as a cousin of Jonathan Ross and that he was joining a band called “Powder” Justin also stated he had an audition for a newly forming band which I later found out to be “Elastica”

Jumping to today and with time to spare I was browsing around tinterweb when I can across on Youtube a Band called Ferris purely by chance one name can into view initially Scott Grocock then when i looked further a second name Rob Bourgault and there ends this little story of how life comes and goes as do acquaintances.I will attach x3 videos of the bands they were in hope you like as much as I`ve been pleased to stumble across
these young men again..

So lineup`s are

Tim Mctighe Bass Player In “Powder”
Justin Welsh Drummer In “Elastica”
Scott Grocock Vocal & Guitar In “Ferris”
Rob Bourgault Guitar Backing Vocal In “Ferris”

POWDER (Tim Mctighe Bass Player
Elastica Justin Welsh Drummer
Rob & Scott (Scott in Center Rob on Left Guitars and vocals

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