Weekly Update 3

Yet another week of Isolation, Confinement whatever we call it. Hope your still in good spirits,safe & well.

Below is a list of all playlist published this week just in case you missed any daily posts for those not yet on the mailing list please sign up below to have daily playlist delivered direct to your mailbox Thank You.

Day 19 Playlist

Sunday Evening time to relax and reflect Today’s playlist is very different to most previously posted. I feel is quite fitting for us to have a nice relaxing Easter Sunday evening. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I have enjoyed selecting. “Slow, Soft, Moody and Timeless” Despite what’s going on all around us … Continue reading Day 19 Playlist

Day 18 Playlist

It’s Saturday Night so Dancing slippers on and let’s Boogie on Down Have you got your partner’s, kids, pets or pillows ready then let the dancing commence …… a bonus this time after we have danced the night away there is the obligatory SLOW DANCES to end an enjoyable night for you all? OK Last … Continue reading Day 18 Playlist

Day 17 Playlist

Psychedelic 60s GOOD FRIDAY ?The start of a holiday period for those still working to keep things going just wish we were able to grant all the key workers a break too specially those on the front line “We Applaud You” So this is the third installment of 60s hits which seem to be quite … Continue reading Day 17 Playlist

Day 16 Playlist

Strictly 80s Now the idea behind today’s playlist is to embrace bands which were formed after 1980 and British, many of the 80s Bands/Artist I originally looked at were formed in the late seventies and will be revisiting them another time, and yes there are possible options for this I`ve missed again we may have … Continue reading Day 16 Playlist

Day 15 Playlist

Stone Me !!! Well we covered of The Beatles now we turn to the opposition although I still believe one compliments the other both great British bands who inspired many afterwards… I do hope everyone is keeping in good health and enjoying these collections of tunes during this confinement period ? STAY SAFE FRIENDS

Day 14 Playlist

American Tuesday Music Club OK lets go transatlantic today with five great tunes from American bands great foot tapping songs which I hope will lift your spirits in these troubled times. Its also so reassuring that as yet our family of friends seem to be in good health…

Day 13 Playlist

Well it had to come welcome to Monday morning Another week in life under restricted movement to those who continue to go out to work we salute you also to those WFH and Home School keeping going for those who are just hemmed in keep safe keep well. How did we get this far without … Continue reading Day 13 Playlist

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