Weekly Update 5

Yet another week of Isolation, Confinement whatever we call it. Hope your still in good spirits,safe & well.

Below is a list of all playlist published this week just in case you missed any daily posts for those not yet on the mailing list please sign up below to have daily playlist delivered direct to your mailbox Thank You.

Day 33 Playlist

Gentle Calming tones of Folk Music Sunday here again & today we take our first look at a genre yet to give airtime, that is Folk music, Always been aware of this genre but until last year wasn’t a great follower or appreciator of, however like with a lot of things with age comes wisdom … Continue reading Day 33 Playlist

Day 32 Playlist

Saturday Night is Dance Night with the Sounds of Northern Soul Tonights dance session takes us back to early 70s possibly before, it is the high energy dance craze which is still as popular today in lots of small clubs in local areas. Prior to locked down I attended one of these venues on a … Continue reading Day 32 Playlist

Day 31 Playlist

Yeah ! its 60s Friday Again Followers Here we are another week of confinement nearly over. Hope you all joined in with “Clapping Thursday” yesterday, the “Big Night In” (BBC) & “St. Georges Day”, speaking of which did you notice the subtle acknowledgement to St Georges day BRIT -POP 🙂 So the weekend is almost … Continue reading Day 31 Playlist

Day 30 Playlist

Brit Pop Part 1 (What No Oasis No Blur ?) Clapping Thursday is here again please support all Key Workers and Frontline NHS staff 8pm tonight MAKE SOME NOISE !!! Ok todays list is Part 1 of possibly many Brit-pop playlists when you start searching & even leaving the two big hitters to one side … Continue reading Day 30 Playlist

Day 29 Playlist

Midweek mix-up Here are a few great tunes from late 70s to early 80s some went onto great things others slipped by the wayside which ever way they went I hope you enjoy listening to these tunes and maybe just maybe they bring back a few memories too…?

Day 28 Playlist

Journey from Jamaica to Coventry & Beyond Here we are again another day of confinement for some and what is possibly just another working day for others what ever hope it finds you all safe & well. OK todays musical journey takes on a Ska tour of old school ska and more modern ska which … Continue reading Day 28 Playlist

Day 27 Playlist

Is This Country ? Good Morning to everyone old & new hope today finds your safe & well Wow day 26 & today is also the first day of the new look, new format playlist. I do hope you will all get yourself a Spotify account if you haven’t already and continue to follow & … Continue reading Day 27 Playlist

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