Weekly Update 6

Yet another week of Isolation, Confinement whatever we call it. Hope your still in good spirits,safe & well.

Below is a list of all playlist published this week just in case you missed any daily posts for those not yet on the mailing list please sign up below to have daily playlist delivered direct to your mailbox Thank You.

Day 40 Playlist

Sunday Session Gospel-Soul-Country Today playlist is something a little special a collection of songs from a group of singers reproducing tunes in their own way which I’m sure you will all recognise, & believe you will agree at no detriment to the original if you have never really listened to their material before then suggest … Continue reading Day 40 Playlist

Day 39 Playlist

Saturday Night Lounge Dance Party Time again to kick off the slippers grab your pillar, dog, kids or partner throw inhibition`s to the wind and have a lounge dance session. Come on you know it makes you feel a whole lots better even more so if you dig the old outfits out from the wardrobe … Continue reading Day 39 Playlist

Day 38 Playlist

Its “1st May 2020“ & 60`s Friday once more Well yet another week over cannot believe its Friday and the start of the weekend for all those still working hope you all joined in with the 8pm clapping for key workers last night. Think I have found more good 60`s tunes for your enjoyment think … Continue reading Day 38 Playlist

Day 37 Playlist

Brit-Pop Part 2 Here we are again Brit Pop Part 2 playlist still leaving the two main Britsers out of the list there were so many more Brit Pop style bands/artists here are is another selection which still sound good today & therefore well worth another listen.

Day 36 Playlist

Just another Wednesday Mixup Are we still having fun ? Yes I knew you would be 🙂 remember open to any suggestions for Artist/Songs or whole Playlist use site contact form or drop a message on FB/Messenger. Here is a mixture tunes mainly from Early early 00s although some maybe debuted Late 90’s sure you … Continue reading Day 36 Playlist

Day 35 Playlist

Lets Have a little bit of Country Music Its Tuesday Country Music Club & yet another requested playlist just a small selection of dare I say Country & Western tunes yeah cowboy boots on and away we go I hope you enjoy this collection ?

Day 34 Playlist

Monday Isolation Blues Start of another week of confinement its enough to given you the blues. These old tunes remind me of Friday nights in London getting the tube from Ealing Broadway to Westbourne Grove near Notting Hill to the “Station Tavern” where resident blues band Shout Sister Shout played the blues for hours while … Continue reading Day 34 Playlist

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