Weekly Update 8

Well here we are at the end of confinement ? or is it only time will tell

Below is a list of all playlist published this week just in case you missed any daily posts for those not yet on the mailing list please sign up below to have daily playlist delivered direct to your mailbox Thank You.

Ladies and Gentlemen

To You For You Hope you have enjoyed at least some of the Live tracks on the final playlist this one is my encore to you all, couldn’t have done this without your support it’s been nice getting the comments regarding the lists published. So here we are at the end of the daily playlists … Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen

Day 54 Playlist

There`s no Music like Live Music Well here we are folks 54 days of playlists so what better way to close the door on these daily lists than to play live music. Taking a look back from 60`s through to almost recent times managed to select nearly 2 hours of live music for your pleasure?

Day 53 Playlist

The many faces that was Bowie Hello gang well last but one daily playlist unless we unfortunately return to a confinement situation again really hope that’s not the case, so here is a compilation of hits (not all) of the Man who reinvented himself so many times during his celebrated music career, sure there isn’t … Continue reading Day 53 Playlist

Day 52 Playlist

Here we are End of the 60`s Hello everybody well as Dylan said the times they are a changing. I think we are almost at the end of our daily playlists venture with more of you either back at work or still working from home I’m sure things are getting busier for you all. So … Continue reading Day 52 Playlist

Day 51 Playlist

It’s the Big One Battle of the Brit Pops Which camp were you in or as many did enjoyed both for what they were?

Day 50 Playlist

50th Day Special with The Cure Who can believe it 50 Days of playlists and we are still going strong today’s playlist is dedicated to a Band who started life late 70’s and have grown their back catalogue full of great tunes here is a full 60 minutes for your pleasure.

Day 49 Playlist

Old English Folk Rock Didn’t quite know how to best describe this playlist we go from songs about British Union of Fascists, miners strike, smuggling, fishman sea shanties to festival crusties yeah mixture for sure but once again some cracking foot stomping tunes.

Day 48 Playlist

The 70`s Punk Revolution 1970`s Lots of thing happening recession, 3 day week, high unemployment plus lots more. The music scene had gotten a little stale with all these progressive bands bringing out albums which you sat down to listen to even live concerts, so when the 3 chord tunes came along it was such … Continue reading Day 48 Playlist

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