Music Album No.1

In The Right Place – Dr John 1973

This American singer songwriter 6 time grammy award winner his music style is a mixture of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Boogie Woogie, Rock n Roll & Pop quite a melting pot of genres. 1973 saw his only chart success with “Right Place Wrong Time” hitting number 10.

I first became aware of this album on attending a house party ( mansion) in Belsize Park NW3 late 80’s it was a house owned by approx 10 people who were all in the arty world in some for or fashion although all current owners squated prior to being in a position to purchase this four story detached property in well sort after area.

There was much going on at this party & I found myself down in what was possibly the firth level being the basement there was quite a lot of smoke in the room, two big speakers, lots of cushions on floor and three walls lined with well softened sofas. As I settled myself down amongst the peeps down there this album was just being placed on the turntable needless to say with the atmosphere being as it was I really got into it the album. Later hearings in more normal surroundings I still found it very enjoyable.

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