Music Album No.7

R.E.M Document 1985

Document is the fifth studio album by R.E.M.,released on August 31, 1987 by I.R.S. Records.

Document was R.E.M.’s first album to be co-produced both by the band and Scott Litt, this was a collaboration that continued through the productions of Green, Out of Time, Automatic for the People, Monster, and New Adventures in Hi-Fi.

The album’s clear production and rock riffs helping to move toward mainstream success and built on the work done by Don Gehman, who had produced their previous album Lifes Rich Pageant. This release launched “The One I Love” their first Top 10 hit on the Billboard 100 at number 9 but also gave them their first platinum album.

They expanded their instrumentation somewhat on the album, adding a dulcimer to “King of Birds” and a saxophone to “Fireplace”. Steve Berlin was brought in to add his saxophone skills having a prior relationship with producer Scott Litt. This experimentation would lead to their adoption of the mandolin, which featured prominently on their subsequent albums Green and Out of Time.

I Believe this is their strongest all round album.

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