100 Days

Good morning all, well there have now been 100 days of music posts, some have been more successful than others that’s to be expected so what do I do to mark this ?

It’s actually been 101 days of Lockdown of some description in the UK. This all started with a view to entertain you all, the day after official lockdown started in UK, so what should I do ?

Should I pick 100 songs which have been played at some point, or even harder should I pick my all time top 100.

I’ve thought and thought and I know some of you may have been kicking your heels at home longing to work, some off you working from home & additionally even homeschooling & some of you still going to work pretty much as normal so still what should I do ?

So I’ve decided I’m having a day off today and letting you browse through all playlists that have been published 🙂

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