Music Album No.9

It Bites – Once Around The World 1988

There is a story behind this album and a that person may be surprised that I have chosen it as one of “MY albums” of the week I young lad of 15 and Tim Mctighe a little older introduced me to this band and I never ever let on that I thought they were very good who was this young chap telling me why Justin Welch Thanks Justin & Tim…

It Bites are an English progressive rock and pop fusion band, formed in Egremont, Cumbria, England, in 1982 and best known for their 1986 single “Calling All the Heroes”, which gained them a Top 10 UK Singles Chart hit. Fronted by Francis Dunnery, the band split in 1990.

Released in 1988, Once Around the World was recorded at Manor Hill Studios in Oxfordshire. The first five of the album’s nine tracks (on vinyl or cassette, the first side of the album) were produced by Steve Hillage and mostly feature the more single-driven pop approach preferred by the band’s label, Virgin Records. One of these tracks, “Black December”, was a re-recorded single b-side. The remaining tracks (including the almost fifteen-minute title track, the band’s longest composition) were produced by It Bites with Mark Wallis and showcase their progressive rock influences.

The album produced three singles (“Kiss Like Judas”, “Midnight” and a drastic edit of “Old Man and the Angel”) and saw the band embark on a tour of the UK.

  • Francis Dunnery – guitars, lead vocals
  • John Beck – keyboards, backing & harmony vocals
  • Dick Nolan – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Bob Dalton – drums, backing vocals

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