Music Album No.10

Edgar Broughton Band – Oora 1973

The band started their career as a blues group under the name of The Edgar Broughton Blues Band, playing to a small following in the region around their hometown of Warwick. However, when the band began to lean towards the emerging psychedelic movement,dropping the’Blues’from their name as well as their music, Victor Unitt left.

In 1968,the Edgar Broughton Band moved to Notting Hill Gate,London,seeking a recording contract and a wider audience, and were picked up by Blackhill Enterprises. Blackhill landed them their first record deal,on EMI’s progressive rock label Harvest Records.

Their single, “Apache Dropout”, combined The Shadows’ “Apache” with Captain Beefheart’s “Drop Out Boogie”.It was played to astonished and puzzled reactions on the David Jacobs-hosted BBC Television’s Juke Box Jury.Jerry Lordan,the composer of “Apache”,insisted that the title be “Apache Dropout” instead of the original “Dropout Apache”.The single reached No33 non the UK Singles Chart.

With the success of their third album, the Edgar Broughton Band relocated to Devon. The band then recorded their fifth album, Oora,in 1973


  • Edgar Broughton – lead vocals, guitar, bass guitar on “Hi-Jack Boogie”
  • Arthur Grant – bass guitar, guitar on “Hurricane Man” and “Hi-Jack Boogie”
  • Steve Broughton – vocals, drums, percussion, guitars, tubular bells, tambourine
  • Victor Unitt – backing vocals, guitars, Spanish guitar on “Exhibits From A New Museum”, piano, lead vocals on “Oh You Crazy Boy!”

Guest musicians

  • Madeline Bell – backing vocals, “Rock ‘n’ Roller”, “Things On My Mind”‘ & “Face From A Window”
  • Doris Troy – backing vocals, ‘”Rock ‘n’ Roller”, “Things On My Mind” & “Face From A Window”
  • Lisa Strike – backing vocals, “Rock ‘n’ Roller”, “Things On My Mind” & “Face From A Window”
  • Maggie Thomas – backing vocals on “Oh You Crazy Boy!”
  • David Bedford – piano on “Green Lights”

The last track Sweet Fallen Angels on spotify is not on original album I have also Included Apache Dropout quite a crazy track from very well known tune.

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