Poptastic 60`s

Let’s look back not in anger but at some of the 60`s tunes that have been featured so far.

60`s Friday Again

Tis Friday again and welcome to the weekend as this seems a popular playlist were featuring yet more great tunes from the 60`s era. I do hope you are all keeping well and Safe as we enter the first weekend of second confinement period keep talking keep listening let me know if there are tunes … Continue reading 60`s Friday Again

Day 52 Playlist

Here we are End of the 60`s Hello everybody well as Dylan said the times they are a changing. I think we are almost at the end of our daily playlists venture with more of you either back at work or still working from home I’m sure things are getting busier for you all. So … Continue reading Day 52 Playlist

Day 45 Playlist

60`s Friday once again Here where are again Friday start of weekend, Friday Bank Holiday for the VE Day celebration, unfortunately the one thing we cannot do is go out and party in our usual way, however we can stay home & party in different ways which may include enjoying yet more cracking tunes from … Continue reading Day 45 Playlist

Day 38 Playlist

Its “1st May 2020“ & 60`s Friday once more Well yet another week over cannot believe its Friday and the start of the weekend for all those still working hope you all joined in with the 8pm clapping for key workers last night. Think I have found more good 60`s tunes for your enjoyment think … Continue reading Day 38 Playlist

Day 31 Playlist

Yeah ! its 60s Friday Again Followers Here we are another week of confinement nearly over. Hope you all joined in with “Clapping Thursday” yesterday, the “Big Night In” (BBC) & “St. Georges Day”, speaking of which did you notice the subtle acknowledgement to St Georges day BRIT -POP 🙂 So the weekend is almost … Continue reading Day 31 Playlist

Day 24 Playlist

Hazy Days of the Sixties Ok yes its Friday once more which means back to the sixties again this time we are reaching the late sixties all that Flower Power and the start of the large festivals Woodstock, Isle of White picked a few possible not so well know tunes hope you enjoy and even … Continue reading Day 24 Playlist

Day 17 Playlist

Psychedelic 60s GOOD FRIDAY ?The start of a holiday period for those still working to keep things going just wish we were able to grant all the key workers a break too specially those on the front line “We Applaud You” So this is the third installment of 60s hits which seem to be quite … Continue reading Day 17 Playlist

Day 10 Playlist

Well we’re back to 60s Friday This is a second installment of what seems to have been quite a popular day last Friday when I pick some 60s hits so here are a few more for your listening pleasure..

Day 3 Playlist

Well here we are another day into our restricted movement period i hope yet again finds you safe, well and sane !! I have decided today to go back in time to the 60`s however on selecting 5 tunes I found I was only taking about 12 minutes of your time so its 5 plus … Continue reading Day 3 Playlist

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