Dance Weekend

Let’s continue our look back at playlists this time as its a saturday lets all go dancing once again enjoy. There is something here for everyone ?

Day 46 Playlist

Saturday Night Boogie Night Here we go again its dance night tonights mix is from the 80’s ? or around that time some quite popular tunes to get you up and on your feet enjoy.

Day 39 Playlist

Saturday Night Lounge Dance Party Time again to kick off the slippers grab your pillar, dog, kids or partner throw inhibition`s to the wind and have a lounge dance session. Come on you know it makes you feel a whole lots better even more so if you dig the old outfits out from the wardrobe … Continue reading Day 39 Playlist

Day 32 Playlist

Saturday Night is Dance Night with the Sounds of Northern Soul Tonights dance session takes us back to early 70s possibly before, it is the high energy dance craze which is still as popular today in lots of small clubs in local areas. Prior to locked down I attended one of these venues on a … Continue reading Day 32 Playlist

Day 25 Playlist

Sweet Soul Music on a Saturday Night Well here we are again another Saturday Night in and a rest day for those who are still working whether at home or out and about time to enjoy family time and drink but most of all to STAY SAFE & HEALTHY..

Day 18 Playlist

It’s Saturday Night so Dancing slippers on and let’s Boogie on Down Have you got your partner’s, kids, pets or pillows ready then let the dancing commence …… a bonus this time after we have danced the night away there is the obligatory SLOW DANCES to end an enjoyable night for you all? OK Last … Continue reading Day 18 Playlist

Day 11 Playlist

Its Saturday night get Your dancing shoes on again We all love a little bit of Tamla from time to time you just cannot help but move to the groove so once again grab your partners, kids, Pets or Pillow. Come on you know having a good boogie is good for you so place that … Continue reading Day 11 Playlist

Day 4 Playlist

Its Saturday so let’s Dance Saturday Night is made for drinking and dancing so let’s just get on with it have you got your partners etc. ready then let boogie on down……Remember get your smart phone video set lets have that virtual party…..

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