Midweek Tunes

Hi all easy day again for me going to look back at some of the Midweek mix-ups that have been published. Thank you to Mandy & Billy for yesterday choices of tunes.

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Midweek Mixup 7

Were back and were going a trip into the 70`s with this weeks mixup think tunes you will remember once you hear them enjoy.

Midweek Mixup 6

120 Days ago of yesterday the playlist started with 5 tunes from the ladies well there back with a mixture of genres or shall we say Part 1 which consists of 12 great tunes. Watch out for next week’s continuing ladies Mix Up ?

Midweek Mixup 5

At most gigs now there is usual the time to embrace the lighters or should I say for health & safety reasons our smartphones in this modern era. Anyway which ever it’s also a chance for a little audience participation here are 10 that came to mind.

Midweek Mixup 4

Hi guys we are back with the Midweek mix and today’s offering is an assortment of UK bands some who have possibly never been heard or just plain forgotten whichever the case maybe its a mixture of some good tunes from various eras and genres enjoy.

Midweek Mixup 3

Today’s Midweek Mix-up Playlist is on the lighter side of the Seattle Grunge movement or should I say bands who seemed to establish themselves during that period of time.

Midweek Mixup 2

Couldn’t help but have another Brit-Pop session Another helping of Brit Pop tunes 10 in all somewhat possibly lesser known bands mixed in with some of the more popular bands once again hope its to your liking remember if you want anything featuring drop us a message and share your thoughts.

Midweek Mixup 1

Oh they sound so different ? Playlist is back !!!! Here are a bunch of tracks from artists/groups you know quite well however possibly not sounding like this ? or maybe you do ? Simple Minds tracks come from their earlier album Empires & Dance, Julian Cope after disbanding Teardrop Explodes he went onto solo … Continue reading Midweek Mixup 1

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