My Musical Friends

Today’s offering of tunes comprises of friends of mine present and passed and reacquainted.

Tracks 1&2 are Fire Next Time two songs released as single on Stiff label I have copy on Cassette of the unreleased stiff album.

Tracks 3,4 & 5 are by Diesel Park West possible lesser known tracks of three different albums one of which shows slightly different side of the band.

Tracks 6,7 & 8 come from the Scott & Rob off the 1st Ferris album Speak Up and are the three I seem to be drawn too at the moment.

Tracks 9,10 & 11 are three songs from Piroshka album Brickbat after his spell with Elastic and various other bands. Justin teamed up with others including ex members of Lush to progress this project.

Now for the final five songs we slow things down..

Tracks 12 & 13 are by my new friend Brad not been able to see much due to the situation at the moment but hoping to spend time once safe.

Tracks 14, 15 & 16 are from James Maddock ex Fire Next Time frontman now very well thought of solo artists living in New York for the majority of his time however some of his songs have a definite home flavour.

I do hope you enjoy this samples and please follow and support these guys they need us and we need them still hard times ahead I’m sure ?

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