Thursdays Friends Day

Once again I would like to share with you music from my friends take it away Boys & Girls.

Something nice a gentle to start off the video playlist nice one Brad. followed by a Great tune from Ferris yes “She Blows me Away” then we have more “Sitcom Reruns” lockdown TV hey? the final tune today is “Never Enough” Piroshka.

Be sure to watch out for these guys next year…

Swinging Laurels

Well well amazing what you can find on Youtube Abby Park Festival 1984 and a Band Swinging Laurels frontman Gaz Birtles and i believe still very active in Leicester music scene, this video although overdubbed features school friend and Diesel Park West guitarist Rich Barton great looking mullet, Rich far right black tee shirt .

Formed in 1980 by ex-member of The Wendy Tunes Gaz Birtles and ex collaborator of Black GorillaJohn Barrow, both saxophonists. They released their first single as a duo in 1981 and then recruited synth and trumpet player Dean Sargent and keyboardist Mark O’Hara. They released six singles with a sound based heavily on the saxes.