Monday Morning

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Today playlist looks at what some might class as folk rock broadly speaking its a lighter side of early 70`s rock music. I hope you enjoy these tunes?

Remembering the 70`s

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Double helping of the golden age of early 70`s

Back to The 70’s

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Hello all a little journey back in time way back in time. I was 16 in 1972 when I first discovered this Prog Rock band the tracks I have chosen possible their lighter side. Followed the band over many years however personnel changes brought style changes too for me not always for the better. All these tracks are all from original lineup.

Krautrock Weekend Part 2

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Part 2 I hope your still going to listen to more krautrock ? today’s offering is from a band called Amon Duul II formed early 70`s & originally was a collective of musicians as with Can some of their music you would class some as being very experimental however the selection I have put together just good tunes.