Midweek Mixup

Siouxsie And The Banshees

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Something a little different a best of playlist from late 70’s Punk/New Wave era always thought after the very commercial Hong Kong Garden she & the Band produced some good stuff.

Midweek Mixup 7

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Were back and were going a trip into the 70`s with this weeks mixup think tunes you will remember once you hear them enjoy.

Midweek Mixup 6

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120 Days ago of yesterday the playlist started with 5 tunes from the ladies well there back with a mixture of genres or shall we say Part 1 which consists of 12 great tunes.

Watch out for next week’s continuing ladies Mix Up ?

Midweek Mixup 5

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At most gigs now there is usual the time to embrace the lighters or should I say for health & safety reasons our smartphones in this modern era. Anyway which ever it’s also a chance for a little audience participation here are 10 that came to mind.