Day 50 Playlist

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50th Day Special with The Cure

Who can believe it 50 Days of playlists and we are still going strong today’s playlist is dedicated to a Band who started life late 70’s and have grown their back catalogue full of great tunes here is a full 60 minutes for your pleasure.

Day 48 Playlist

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The 70`s Punk Revolution

1970`s Lots of thing happening recession, 3 day week, high unemployment plus lots more. The music scene had gotten a little stale with all these progressive bands bringing out albums which you sat down to listen to even live concerts, so when the 3 chord tunes came along it was such a breath of fresh air musically and culturally it all caused a little bit of “Anarchy” but once again some classic tunes created.

Day 42 Playlist

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In Memory of Dave Greenfield The Stranglers

Sadly today’s playlist is in memory of the Keyboard player in the Punk/New Wave band The Stranglers who died on Sunday 3rd May aged of 71 after testing positive for Covid-19. R.I.P Dave.

Day 23 Playlist

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Post Punk ?

Hello everyone well today is five tracks which after the punk era got me thinking there are some good bands out there most of these bands never really hit the heights that I think they deserved maybe you agree maybe you will not ?